Silverwood Farm FAQ and General Help

  • What is the best way to contact the Secretary?
    EMAIL! Just click the button on the top banner or email to:
  • Do you accept late entries?
    YES! Late entries are accepted (with a late fee) if the schedule has not been started. This is about 12 days before the show. If the schedule is started only scratch times will be available for entry.
  • Where do I get the Class list?
    Just Click the link “Class List” button on the left!
  • Where do I get the forms to enter?
    You can download Entry forms at this site.  There are two options.  1.Use our 2010 eEntry form button on the left (must pay with credit card)  2. There is also a PDF file, which you can print and fill out.  The back is available as a PDF only.  If you email your entry please bring the back with you at check-in with appropriate signatures. Just click the button to the left!
  • When is the closing date for a show?
    The closing date is the RECEIVED date.  Not the post mark date.

 Classes/Ride time tips

  • What classes can my horse enter?
    You can sign up for 2 consecutive levels. For example, you can enter your horse for Training and First but not Training and Second level. You can ride the same test twice if you sign up for 2 divisions of the same test.  (i.e. First level 1 open and First level 1 Maiden)
  • I don’t like to ride when it’s really hot. Can you schedule me in the early morning?
    Sorry, we cannot accommodate such requests. We try and put the FEI classes early during the hottest part of the season and schedule the Free Styles at lunch time.
  • I am trying to get qualifying scores. How do you schedule these rides?
    We try to schedule the qualifying classes under a different judge on Saturday and Sunday.
  • How do I get my ride times?
    Times will be available on this site approximately 8 days before the show. It maybe later if we are taking late entries.
  • I would like more time between rides. What can you do?
    We try and give people as much time in-between rides as possible. This is not always possible especially if you are riding more than one horse or a horse has more than one rider. If you have an issue with times please contact the Show Secretary ASAP.  If something can be changed it would be better to know BEFORE check-in day.
  • I’d like to swap ride times with a friend -- is that ok?
    You CANNOT ride out of order in a class unless there is a time conflict.
  • I’d like to ride before 10 am and for the Judge in Ring 3. Can you schedule that for me?
    We CANNOT honor special request for scheduling or judges.
  • What is your policy for scratches or not informing mgmt of a scratch?
    If you are a no show on Saturday you are considered a scratch for the entire show.

Stabling tips

  • What is the Silverwood stabling like?
    The outdoor stabling complex has 160 stalls. Each aisle includes convenient watering and lights. Stalls all have sliding doors and individual turn down windows so your horse can look out.

    Larger permanent stalls may be available in the main barn.  If you pay for the larger stall and it is not available, you will be refunded the difference and be assigned to the complex.

    We cannot guarantee empty stalls next to or behind stallions.

    Tack stalls are available in most cases.

    Weekend stalls have priority over Day Stalls.
  • Can I move my horse next to my friends if stabled in another aisle?
    Please do not change your assigned stall location without talking to Silverwood management unless it is with-in your group.
  • I want to stable with my friends at upcoming show. What do I need to do?
    If you are coming with a group PLEASE use ONE name.  For example: pick a farm name or one person or horse.  Have everyone in the group specify this same name.
  • How many bags of shaving should I get?
    There may be bedding from a previous show leftover in your stall -- but there is no guarantee.  We recommend 2 bags per stall. Please order your savings early in the day. Shavings must be ordered by 4:00pm on Friday and 3:00 pm on show days.

Show Ground tips

  • How do I find my stall when I get there?
    Stabling charts are posted on the front of each barn. 
  • I can’t wait to show! What time can I arrive?
    Silverwood staff typically works up to the very last minute to get the show grounds prepped for your arrival. Competitors may arrive after noon the day before the show. Contact the farm directly at  262-889-4700 for approval to arrive early.  If you do come early please keep in mind that there can be alot of working going on to make the grounds ready.  Keep this in mind if you have a spooky horse.
  • I’ll be arriving late. How do I find my stall?
    You may arrive after hours, but you may have to find your own stall.  You can call ahead to find out where your stall is located and to notify management that you are arriving late.  Call the farm directly at (262)889-4700.
  • Can I ride my horse in the dressage rings the day before a dressage show?
    You can school in the competition rings on Friday only. You may not school in the dressage rings during an event. The indoor is also a warm-up ring.  If you are on foot or horse, please announce “door” before entering the ring.
  • Where can I lunge my horse?
    You can lunge in the big warm-up Friday ONLY. On show day, lunge in marked areas only.
  • What time are office hours?
    Office hours vary.  Generally, it is open from 3-6 on Fridays and 1 hour before the first class on show days.  Office hours will be posted on the office door.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    If it is necessary to bring your dog, it must be leashed at all times.
  • Where can I graze my horse?
    Silverwood asks competitors to please use the back of the stabling complex and the trailer field areas only for grazing.