!!If you have questions after reading this please email the secretary.  Trying do straighten this out at the show is a hassle for ALL!!

We will be verifing all members via the internet for both USDF/USEF.  You will not be required to send in copies of memberships! Just include your numbers on the entry forms. BUT, you will still need to have the proof with you on the show grounds. This in case you are asked by a show official or systems are down during the show.

What does USDF require in 2008 to show at a USDF/USEF Dressage show?

USDF Minimum:
Horse and rider must both have ID numbers.  The rider number is free and the horse number is $20. There is also an USDF non-member fee of  $20 per show

If you are planning to qualify for Region 2 championships or be considered for any USDF awards you must be a USDF member (NOT GROUP) and have a full horse registration.

What does USEF require in 2008 to show at a USDF/USEF Dressage show?

USEF Minimum:
Horse must have the USDF HID (USEA HID ARE NOT accepted) number and the rider/owner must pay the non-member fee/discipline fee.

Trainer must be a USEF member or pay the non-member disci;ine fee.

If you are planning on going to championships, rider/owner must be USEF member and horse is a USEF member.

Sign up online at www.usef.org or www.usdf.org.

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