2010 Calendar


Date Type Judge 1 Judge 2 Judge 3 Contact Open Close
May 2 IDCTA Dress. and CT Schooling Sage Pecora Lisa Cannata April 19
May 15-16 Dressage Fore Gurney Schneider Lisa Cannata April 26
May 29-30 Dressage Hannon Lisa Cannata May 11
June 5-6 Horse Trials Denman Sage Lisa Cannata TBD TBD
June 11-13 Dressage Foy Poulin Berrey Lisa Cannata May 25
June 20 IDCTA Dressage Schooling Lisa Cannata June 8
June 25-27 NIHJA Donna Battaglia TBD TBD
July 3-4 Dressage Poulin Babcock Lisa Cannata June 15
July 9-11 Dressage Payne Dearing Lisa Cannata June 22
July 17-18 Dressage Barbosa Ebner Lisa Cannata June 29
July 30-Aug 1 Dressage & In hand Geikie Malone-Casey Lisa Cannata July 13
Aug 7-8 Horse Trials Denman Sage Lisa Cannata TBD TBD
Aug 14-15 Dressage Hoff Mandas Lisa Cannata July 27
Aug 21-22 Dressage and In Hand Poulin Reihl Rodriquez Lisa Cannata Aug 3
Aug 27-30 Summers End HJ TBA Katie Geraldi TBD TBD
S t 4 5 Sept 4-5 DDressage TBA TBA Li C tLisa Cannata A 17 Aug 17
Sept 11-12 Horse Trials Denman Sage Lisa Cannata TBD TBD
Sept 18-19 Dressage Solyntjes Lisa Cannata Aug 31
Sept 26 IDCTA Mini Event Champ Sage Pecora Lisa Cannata TBD
Sept 27 IDCTA Dressage & CT Sage Pecora Lisa Cannata Sept. 13
Oct 2-3 Dressage Poulin Lisa Cannata Sept 14
Oct 16-17 Dressage Schneider Lisa Cannata Sept 28